We are a cohort of New Orleans healthcare professionals selected as clinical scholars for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation’s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health issues.

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of emPOWER NOLA is to educate and empower formal and informal community leaders and help them gain the tools to identify children in need and suffering from community and personal traumas, and to create and promote access to culturally competent care. Improved mental health for the current generation of children is not just morally essentially, it is critical to the continued existence of the rich culture of the city. We are committed to equity in the culture of health in New Orleans because that is required to nourish the community and its many unique customs and traditions.


Why We Love New Orleans

I love New Orleans because it is a perfectly imperfect space that welcomes creativity and connectivity.  

Maurice Sholas, MD, PhD

I love New Orleans because my roots are here. Even though my elementary schools and high school are no longer here, I can drive or walk through New Orleans neighborhoods and reminisce about my relatives and friends who lived there. This city has so many good memories, more than 50 years of memories. I love New Orleans because there is so much to see and do. So much music to hear. So much culture that has its own history, meaning and love stories within it. I love New Orleans mostly because of our people are just different and after traveling various places I know that different is beautiful. that welcomes creativity and connectivity.  

Rhonda Jackson, LMSW

I love New Orleans because of its vibrant spirit – it’s rich history and deep ancestral traditions. There is a resounding familiarity that , at once, feels like home yet, offers constant opportunity for new soul enriching experiences. I love the culture, people, food, music and beauty of the land. There is nothing quite like her in the world.

Lauren Teverbaugh, MD

I love New Orleans because it’s lack of pretense allows you to be yourself. It has a place for everybody to have their own kind of joy!

Arnold James, PhD

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